Earlier this week, Ullmann Medien announced that German editions of Phoebe and Her Unicorn were now available and followed it up with another in English:

Wir arbeiten kaum noch, weil alle mit ihren Nasen in Fibi und ihr Einhorn stecken. [1]
Phoebe and her unicorn by @MizDanaClaire is now available in german - We love it! [2]

First, that's great news. Ullmann is a large publisher in Germany. Since we now have German editions produced by a company like them, then maybe it won't be long before French, Italian, Japanese and other editions will be published.

So far, the first two books are available:

A few companies have imported the book and sell them through Amazon here in the US. I think this would be a great way to help someone learn German. If you had the original English version and the German version, you could see the choices Frederik Kugler made during the translation into German.

You can have a lot of fun having the Google and Bing websites do the translation for you, since those are powered by machines that have more literal translations than slang or "meaning/inference" translations. But a very nice translation occurs from the Google site with Marigold's German name: Maiglöckchen. It becomes "Lily-of-the-valley", which is a flower that grows in Europe and the northern hemisphere in Asia. It's an elegant-looking flower, fitting for an elegant being like Marigold.

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