Spellcraft is magic performed by Unicorns.

List of Spellcraft Edit

The Shield of Boringness Edit

The Shield of Boringness lets unicorns go about their business without being disturbed. It means a unicorn could walk past a shop window and no one would bother to even look at it. Marigold uses this so she can go pretty much anywhere.

Reverse Shield of Boringness Edit

The Reverse Shield of Boringness attracts attention rather than repelling it, using it to draw attention to herself or others. Once deactivated, the Reverse Shield of Boringness may create the person around the user to become popular, but there is a spell to stop this.

Shield of Warmingness Edit

The Shield of Warmingness allows Marigold to walk around during Winter without any clothes on and she can still stay warm. Unicorns created it so they would not have to conceal their beauty.

Shield of Dryness Edit

This shield keeps Marigold dry from the rain. Edit

Shield of Coldness Edit

This shield helps Marigold keep cool during Summer, or hot times.

Sparkle Blinding Edit

Marigold can blind people/animals/unicorns with a large amount of sparkles.

Growth of Plants Edit

Marigold can create and grow plants/ flowers with just her horn.

Levitation Edit

Marigold is always picking things up via her horn, like grass, tea cups and pastel unicorns.

Enchanting Edit

Marigold can enchant things to move on their own, like when she enchants Phoebe's pastel unicorns to move on their own and Phoebe's kick board to get instantly faster. She can also enchant things to sing or dance, when she surprises Phoebe by making her breakfast sing and dance.

Helium-Exhaling Edit

The effects are unknown. Marigold didn't use this spell on Phoebe on account of her not agreeing to it, but supposedly it makes the target breath helium.

Mud-Resistance Edit

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 6.47.10 pm

Marigold has a selective mud-resistant coat. She can roll in the mud without getting dirty, or can only make selective parts dirty.

Magic Texting Powers Edit

Using just her horn, Marigold can text Phoebe's phone anytime she wants without needing a phone. Marigold says was much more useful 'when cell phones were invented'.

Wifi Magic Edit

Marigold can create a wifi connection using just her horn. Her horn is a 'wifi hotspot'.

Potions Edit

Although never used, Marigold mentions a 'sleeping potion', when Phoebe told her about a sleep over. This suggests that Marigold knows how to make a sleeping potion.

Musical Abilities Edit

Marigold has been said to be able to play the piano and she can play a record disk on her horn.

Invisibility Edit

Marigold says she can turn herself or Phoebe invisible. Phoebe asked Marigold to turn her invisible but Marigold said she would miss seeing Phoebe and talked her out of it.

Sparkling Edit

Marigold just has to say "SPARKLES!" and she can surround herself with glittering sparkles. Although Marigold said she got a bad grade in Advanced Sparkling because she was so bright she blinded the instructor for a week.

Hair Related Abilities Edit

Matigold made Dakota's hair fall off, and made it grow back to a very extensive length. But when Marigold makes new 'magic' hair, it begins to think for itself. Marigold has a spell to turn magic hair back into normal. She also said if Phoebe wanted she could turn her hair into spaghetti.

Weather Control Edit

Marigold can control and move the weather as shown in a comic strip where she moved a rainstorm into a tiny cloud above Phoebe to give her a 'lesson in humility'. In another comic strip, she is shown to be capable of making it rain salad dressing on part of Phoebe's lawn (so she could eat that part of the lawn).

Mind Controlling Yawns Edit


Whenever Marigold yawns she can make anyone around her fall asleep.

Teleportation Edit

Marigold can transport herself and others anywhere she feels like, for example in a comic Phoebe asked Marigold to bring her her mittens, but the auto-correct changed it to 'bring me mountains'. So Marigold brought Phoebe to the mountains.

Rainbows Edit

Marigold has shown numerous times to be able to make rainbows appear and walk over them. She once made a rainbow so she could walk over a river, and made a rainbow for her and Phoebe to sit on and feed the ducks. She can also make a rain cloud above her when she says 'rainbows', which will eventually turn into a rainbow.

Spell Casting Edit

Marigold can cast a variety of spells including; A sneezing spell, a sleeping spell, a make-things-come-to-life spell, a spell to make one be quiet, an amplifying sound spell and a temporary a memory erasure spell.

Glowing in the Dark Edit

Marigold can, if she chooses to, glow in the dark.

Magic Sensing Edit

Marigold can use her horn to sense if there is any magic, magical trickery or other magical animals around.

Night Light Edit

As seen quite a few times in the comics, Marigold can make a light from her horn for Phoebe to sleep at night.